Sunday, 25 August 2013

Big NYX Makeup Haul

Hi everyone,

Quite a while ago now, I made an order of NYX products from, and they arrived! Yay!

I was so excited for the order to come. Since I live in the UK, I hadn't ever bought anything from that brand before, but a few things that I wanted had come up so I thought it was better to order them all at once, since the shipping from America to here is quite pricy.

So far I have been really impressed with all the products, and expect some proper reviews coming your way soon!

without and with flash

The first things I ordered were these Jumbo Eye Pencils. They are very similar to the Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencils, and I love the idea of eyeshadows in a stick a lot, so I thought I would get these. I got the shades 'Milk' which is a lovely bright white, perfect for brightening your eyes, 'Strawberry Milk' which is a lovely light pink - it isn't too bright, it's a lovely subtle shimmery colour, and 'Pure Gold', which as the name suggests, is a beautiful bright gold colour. I have blue eyes, so I love wearing gold eye makeup as it makes them brighter! 'Milk' is matte, while the other two are shimmery.
From left to right: 'Milk', 'Strawberry Milk' and 'Pure Gold'

I then ordered two eyeliners, one Slide On Pencil in 'Golden Bronze' and a Gel Liner, which I got in the shade 'Betty - Jet Black'. The slide on eyeliner is so unbelievably soft - it is amazing! It's so creamy and pigmented, I just can't get enough of it. The gel liner is great too, and it is a very strong black colour which was what I was looking for. 

I also ordered an eyeshadow base in the shade 'Skin Tone' and the Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in the shade 'Fair'. I decided to take a risk and guess what shade I would be, because even if it wasn't a great match, you use different shades of concealer all round your face so I was sure I would find a use for it, but as it turns out it was a good match, a wee bit too light but it is great for under my eyes. The eyeshadow base is great too, and I sometimes just wear that on it's own, if I'm just going for a very simple and natural look, as it really brightens my eyes. 

Jumbo Lip Crayon in the shade 'Plush Red'

 I also got a Jumbo Lip Crayon, which is very similar to the eye crayon, but its for your lips (obviously). I got the shade 'Plush Red' which is a stunning berry red - it'll be amazing in Winter. It's so smooth and easy to apply, I love this a lot!

Finally, I got two lipglosses. I got the well know Mega Shine Lipgloss in the colour 'Beige', and I understand why everyone loves it, it's lovely! It isn't a beige colour though, which is confusing, it is a lovely light pink. I also got the NYX Girls Round Lipgloss in the shade 'Apricot', which I equally love. They are both wearable colours and I find myself reaching for them a lot!

'Beige' and 'Apricot'
That is everything I ordered... this time! I really like this brand a lot and I wish they stocked it over here. I know there is a UK stocking website, but it is a lot more expensive than it is in America, which is annoying! NYX always have amazing colour selections on every product, and I love how pigmented everything appears to be. I can't speak for any other products but everything I have bought from there is very pigmented, and I can see myself wanting to buy more very soon... whoops!

Also, sorry it's been a week since my last post. I'm back at school and this week has been really busy, I've had hardly any time at all! Hopefully I'll manage to post more regularly soon though :-)

Sophie x

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