Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Highstreet Makeup and Beauty Haul

Over the last week, I have popped into Boots and Superdrug multiple times (I just can't resist the temptation!) and collected quite a few items that I thought I would share. If you want me to do an indepth review on any product on it's own then please let me know in the comments and i will be happy to do so.
The products I bought (from left to right) are:

  • Natural Collection lipsticks in "Sorbet" "Pink Orchid" and "Cranberry"
  • Bourjois Paris colour boost glossy finish lipstick in "Peach on the Beach"
  • Accessorize large bronzer
  • Make Up Academy eye palette in "Undress Me Too"
  • Original Vaseline lip therapy
  • Rimmel London professional eyebrow pencil in 001 "Dark Brown"
  • Collection work the colour eyeshadow pencil in "Hot Chocolate"
  • Palmers cocoa butter formula concentrated cream 

Natural Collection lipsticks

Swatch of the lipsticks in the light. From left to right: "Sorbet", "Pink Orchid" and "Cranberry"

 The reason i bought these is simply because another favourite youtuber of mine, misshari1000 (go and have a look at her youtube videos, they are really good!) recommended them and said that she thought they were better than Mac lipsticks. Considering they are £1.99 each, and  in Boots there is a deal on through the whole of Natural Collection where you can get any 3 things for £5, I thought i would give them a shot. I like these lipsticks, though I personally wouldn't say they were quite as good as Mac, but for their price they really are excellent. They are moisturising and the colour choice is reasonable - so i do recommend giving them a shot.

Bourjois Paris colour boost glossy finish lipstick 

I have already done a review on this product, so if you want to find out about it have a look at my previous post. It cost £8 and i am really loving it so far.

Accessorize large bronzer
The gold butterfly on this product was originally all there, however the layer of gold is incredibly thin, which wasn't what i expected. That much came off after 2 uses. Since it's summer I've been wanting to bronze myself up and create a natural looking bronzed effect on my face, and this bronzer is massive, so I thought that one would be ideal. Currently, it is reduced from £4.95 to £3.95 in Superdrug.

Make Up Academy eye palette in "Undress Me Too"

This palette was £4 from Superdrug, and the colours look incredible. I like to do brown smoky eyes in Summer time and this palette looks very pretty, with a selection of matte's and shimmer's. I was watching Lauren Curtis's videos on Youtube (I seem to be constantly saying this but check her out too!) and noticed how many MUA products she had. It wasn't a brand that I'd ever tried before, but I thought I would give it a shot. My first impression is quite good - particularly for the price.

Vaseline lip therapy and Palmer's cocoa butter formula concentrated cream
The vaseline I bought because I'm always needing a new one of those. I apply it a lot to try and get my lips hydrated and not chapped. The standard price for it in Boots is £1.99, and a tin does last quite a long time. To be totally honest, the Palmer's cream i bought based completely on the smell. I currently have 4 hand creams on the go, so certainly didn't need another, but the cocoa smell of this stuff is AMAZING. Honestly, I could smell it all day every day for ever and ever! Also Boots are having a reduction on all of the Palmer's range currently, so it only cost £1.06 (the usual price is £2.13).

The eyebrow pencil and swatch in the light
The Rimmel London eyebrow pencil I bought because I use eye shadow for filling in my eyebrows just now, and wanted to try something different. However, being in a rush and being very silly (tut tut), I didn't check the colour was what I wanted, and it is too dark for me, which is a shame because it seems like a nice product. Having a brush on the end is a really clever idea - perfect for on the go and it only costs £2.99.

Collection work the colour  eyeshadow pencil in the colour "Hot Chocolate"
This is what it looks like on the lid - so pretty!

I am also wearing Maybelline Volum' Express mascara

The final product, the Collection work the colour eyeshadow pencil, i am absolutely in love with. It is so much quicker and easier than usual powder eyeshadows, and the "Hot Chocolate" colour is stunning. I am going back to Superdrug to buy a few more tomorrow, and I'm planning on doing a review on them separately, so expect more to come! The usual price is £2.99 which is really reasonable, and to top it off in Superdrug just now some Collection products have been reduced to £2.50, including the eyeshadow pencils.

Hope you enjoyed this little haul! I would just like to point out that everything here I have purchased myself and all opinions are completely my own. If you want a review on a product in detail (other than the Collection eyeshadow since that it is already going to happen) then please leave a comment and I would love to do so!

Sophie x

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